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Code of conduct



  • Tender lookout
  • Writing applications
  • Compilation of business proposals
  • Project management
  • Public procurement procedure counselling
  • Preparing feasibility studies

Code of conduct

Our main goal is to provide our clients with services that promote their efficiency and the development of their organization. Our knowledge provides our clients with the highest possible standard of services. We take our clients' characteristics into consideration and also the experience of other disciplines. Accordingly:

1. We never use improper means to obtain commissions.

2. We only undertake commissions that, to the best of our knowledge, promote the client's interests. We neither fulfill nor raise unrealistic expectations in the clients.

3. We only undertake commissions for which we have the adequate expertise, experience and resources needed.

4. If we undertake a commission beyond our expertise or professional resources and for this reason we involve other experts, we are also responsible for their performance.

5. In our contacts with the clients we prove our commitment to serving them and simultaneously keep a professional distance. If the client is satisfied with our work and wants long term co-operation built on a confidential relationship, we make every effort at creating a polite and professional atmosphere and keep a distance necessary for consulting activity.

6. In our service contracts we aim at setting unambiguous and objective goals. We fix the rights, obligations, conditions of payment and the extent of the commission in writing. When entering into a service contract we are obliged to inform our client of the professional logic of the commission. We are also obliged to manifest the client's interests as we recognized them. These interests are included in the contract with the client's approval.

7. We are invariably obliged to abide by the conditions of the service contract or agreement. We can only deviate from them based on mutual agreement or when in our view the client cause damage to himself or others either liberately or deliberately.

8. We are obliged to handle all information confidentially, with secrecy and to prevent a third party from obtaining them without the written permission of the client.

9. We respect the prestige, expertise and practise of other experts and companies, we do not make the standard of their work appear unfavourable in public.

10. We co-operate with experts representing other companies working for the same client at the same time in order to harmonize the aims, tasks and work phases. We avoid or prevent anticipated conflicts in order to fulfill the assignments successfully.

11. In conflict situations we avoid public disagreement with the client referring to "lack of information" or "misunderstanding". We immediately inform the project leader and work out a reassuring solution for the client. Media contacts (press, television, radio) is the exclusive authority of the owners.

12. Our work has an impact on the complete consulting profession and market. We make every effort to win our clients' trust as expert of the consulting business.

13. We understand and support the notion that we can only meet our clients' professional expectations with the implementation life-long learning and continuous self-development.

14. We respect privacy rights and handle our personal remuneration and allowances confidentially within the company and also when contacting other companies' consultants.

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