Tender lookout, writing applications, project management
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  • Tender lookout
  • Writing applications
  • Compilation of business proposals
  • Project management
  • Public procurement procedure counselling
  • Preparing feasibility studies


BlueBit Engineering Office is willing to carry out Your and Your partners’ contractual mandate for the following:

  • tender lookout (researching for tenders), writing applications, preparing business offer (assembling the tender dossier, the application), tender counselling
  • compilation of international (European Union) business proposals regarding the designing and implementation of investment projects furthermore compilation of business proposals for domestic projects in compliance with the Public Procurement Act, in case, upon request.
  • international (European Union) service tenders: accurate evidence of ISPA/PHARE
  • maintaining relations and personal consulting with the domestic and foreign business partners, translations, rendering (English)
  • project management service, monitoring
  • public procurement procedure counselling, cluster counselling, setting up a consortium, organising joint partnerships, looking for partners and partner mediation
  • preparing feasibility studies
  • IT counselling
  • data processing
  • setting up and operating IT systems

Tender lookout

- individually customized tender monitoring
- preparing short, comprehensible resumes of the potential tenders
- searching for partners for various tenders, mediation, maintaining contacts with the customers, possibility for negotiations and counselling
- consultation opportunity

Preparing the application for the public procurement, assembling the business offer and its supervision

In case that public procurements are announced in Your domain, and You intend to make an offer, we can help you take part either by entirely preparing the tender or part of it.

Our company and specialists gained a long-term experience in the field of public procurement. On this basis You and Your company can get a rich range of practical and fast services, in order to be successful in your application.

The practice shows that many public procurement applications fail due to minor imperfections. Although not essential, they make the application invalid and thus unsuccessful. This invalidity can be avoid, if You involve an external professional counsellor for assembling the application, that can facilitate the success of Your application.

In the case of public procurement, the institutions advertising it do not allow in all situations the later addition of the missing documents and corrections. This means that any shortage can make your application invalid.

Beginning with January 15, 2006, the law allows restricted additions of the missing material, which, on the other hand also means that many documents, that could be easily supplemented, are no longer accepted.

With our services we assume responsibility for the administrative part of Your application, so You can spend more time refining its content.

We prepare the list of documents that need to be handed in:

- Certificates of financial and economic suitability
- Certificates of technical and professional suitability
- Certificates for exclusion reasons
- Other documents (eg. Specimen of signature)
- Fulfilling the formal requirements stated by the Invitation to Tender / Call and the Documentation part

Our counselling does not cover the technical part and the content of the application!

After this, we prepare and check the application and inform You about its possible shortages. We prepare a list with the corrections to be done and the incomplete parts, which we sent to You in order to take the necessary steps. At the end, we check again the final application material so that this should comply with the requirements.

Project management service

Regarding to our adequate experience we offer our assistance in preparing intermediate and final reports, conducting simple public procurement procedures and simple request for quotations. Referring to our wide connection net we are able to keep the consant contact with the contributor organization and the selected entrepreneurs including the comprehensive management and coordination.

Public procurement services

Assembling the rules for the public procurement:
- general (it is mandatory to most of those who make the call)

- individual / case sensitive and general (in the case of procurements developed within community procedures and of competitive dialogue the involvement of an official procurement advisor is mandatory). We offer professional help to local governments, micro and macro businesses, and to all units and institutions who wish to take part successfully in national and international tenders.

Preparing announcements:
- preparing contract notices
- providing information about the results of the procedure
- preparing the preliminary of the global report
- preparing the notice for modifying or retrieving the procurement

Preparing the documentation:
- advising, preparing, correcting parts of the announcements. (For most of the procedures assembling the documentation is mandatory)

Opening, assessing, making public the results:
- participation, advising, deficiency correction, validity, suitability, checking the assessment, preparing the decision making, etc.

Preparing feasibility studies

If you share your idea with us, we conduct a comprehensive research on the project feasibility, provide possible alternatives for implementation or financial assistance and appoint the possible rate and time of return on investment.

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